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Foreword by Randy Falco

Are you bullish on the future? I know I am because I see the potential of our future in our talented group of professionals and in the community we serve at Univision. I see Hispanic professionals and leaders like Latino Boom II author, Chiqui Cartagena, every day, individuals with strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit, who are driving the economic growth of our country. These individuals are why I know the future of America is one of solid growth and prosperity. The Millennial Generation, 85 million strong, will slowly replace the aging Boomers and their incremental demand for a wide variety of goods, products, and services will continue to make the United States the economic engine of the world.

Just look at the Hispanic consumer who makes up more than 20 per- cent of all millennials and who, as everyone already knows, is growing faster than any other group in America with 50,000 Hispanics turning eighteen every month. It is not just about the numbers; Hispanics are making a positive impact on our country, contributing socially, politically, and economically. Take last year’s presidential election in which Hispanics proved that they have the political clout to elect the next president of the United States. One candidate ignored this, at his peril. Business leaders need to realize that they, too, can no longer ignore the Hispanic community or consider it a niche market. Whatever category your business is in, there is no doubt that the future demand for your product or service will be largely coming from Latino families.

Just as in the presidential election, we are seeing some companies who understand the opportunity and others who have a long way to go. Hispanics are leading the growth of the multicultural consumer sector, which also includes African Americans and Asians, of course. In fact, according to the Latinum Network, by 2026 multicultural consumers could represent 33 percent of total expenditures in the United States, potentially adding $2.7 trillion to the American economy. Half of that growth in spending, 15–16 percent, could come from Hispanics alone. *

Understanding how culture affects consumer behavior is important not only to grow your businesses with multicultural markets inside the United States, I believe it can help America be more competitive in the global economy. So as leaders in Hispanic media, we try to help our clients and business partners with thought leadership about the Hispanic consumer.

We believe that elevating the conversation about Hispanics in the United States benefits us all, which is why the new edition of Latino Boom, written by Chiqui Cartagena, one of the leading Hispanic marketing experts in the US and Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Univision, is a resource every CEO, business leader, and marketer should read. This new edition is a follow-up to her first book and creates a compelling story from all the data that is out there about this community. It also deciphers the biggest trends in the Hispanic community to help you better understand this constantly changing marketplace. Latino Boom II will give you the knowledge and tools you need to start growing your business with Latinos and help you capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which is being brought on by the biggest demographic wave since the Baby Boom.

* “The Big Shift: How the Multicultural Segment Is Driving Consumer Spending,” Dec. 13, 2012 Latinum Market Dynamics Model, Latinum Network © 2012

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